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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 14, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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4.6. there was an after shock. including one 2.9 after shock immediately after. there are no reports of injuries or damage. >> the new head of the catholic church begins the first full day on the job celebrating a mass at the sistine chapel at 9:00 a.m. our time. marci gonzalez is in rome with the latest. a busy 24 hours for you, marci. >> it sure has been. a big picture of pope francis on the cover of every newspaper in rome on this, the first full day, as the leader of the roman catholic church. >> the day started with a special prayer to the virgin mary, privately visiting st. st. mary's basilica in rome, the first act after a night changing
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night. with those words, history was made. phone francis is the first pontiff, ever, from latin america. echoing the roar of 100,000 people in st. peter's square last night overwhelming enthusiasm from his home in argentina. >> i always say, he will be one of the best popes we have ever had. >> there he is cardinal bergoglio, a modest man with a passion for ministering to the poor. >> he has taken the name of st. francis for the first time which is clearly a signal he wants to show a different face of the church, a face of the poor. >> at 76, consider add dark horse candidate he is not what most expected to see. following the white smoke and anticipation, this newly named pope emergeed and prayed.
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>> welcomed by faithful with open arms. >> as you mentioned, later today pope francis will celebrate mass with the cardinals who elected him as the sistine chapel and. meet with pope benedict in the coming days. eric? >> marci, it is busy even after the period you are talking about. what is going on between now and the installation? >> he has been very busy with the mass scheduled for tuesday at the basilica. we will have some of our questions answered. he will address the media on saturday. >> thank you, marci, live from a windy rome. >> winds of change. >> in san francisco, a massive thanksgiving for pope francis is
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held at st. mary's cathedral at noon, the archbishop points out that the new pontiff took his name from the same saint that san francisco is named after. he has also asked that every par inor institution which has a mass today celebrate a massive thanksgiving for the new pope. >> from the caribbean, there is trouble on another carnival cruise ship "dream." it is dropped in st. martin. passengers are saying the ship has no power and toilets are overflowing. they say they have been docked for 14 hours and are not being allowed off the ship. the coast guard said they have not been notified of issues with the ship which is customary. this is a month after a fire on another carnival cruise ship that stranded passengers. >> from the south bay, police investigated a high school field trip during which a registered
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sex offender was allowed to ride the bus with students. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, is live at the high school in san jose. what happened, amy? apologies to you -- okay, amy? >> technical difficulties, during a field trip, the students were on a bus and went to the college on a trip. the police say the sex offender was on the bus with the students. this happens last month. a viewer alerted us to the situation and wants to call attention to it. last night the viewer contacted us. we are still waiting to hear back from the school officials. we got a copy of this letter that went to parents saying that a registered association offender who was not authorized to be on the bus knew a district volunteer on the trip and was
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with the students on the bus back to high school to san jose but he did not have any contact of any kind with any student that day. registered sex offenders are not allowed to be on school property or to come in contact with underage students. now the san jose police department have confirmed it is investigating thissings -- this incident. no inappropriate conduct is reported but admits this is a serious violation of school policy. reporting live in san jose for abc7 news. >> new this morning investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire in antioch that damaged an old victorian. crews arrived at the home in rivertown before 5:30 p.m. officials say the woman who lives in home was not there at the time. investigators say the fire started on the second floor and spread to the attic.
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>> faa investigators say a mechanical defect led to a crash landing of a small plane at san jose's small airport. the f.a.a. confirms the gear on a piper twin engine collapsed on landing before 7:00 last night. >> the man accused of killing three members of the same family while driving drunk will be arraigned this afternoon. the 28-year-old had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit when he hit and killed a mother and her two sons in daly city on saturday night. he was leaving the scene of another crash when he hit the family that sent another victim to the hospital. he was drinking with friends for five hours before the crash. he was also on probation for a previous d.w.i. charge in santa clara county. >> a bank robber tied to a string of robberies struck again in mill valley at the west
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america bank near 101 in strawberry village shopping center according to the sheriff deputies. he gave the teller a note but did not display a weapon. >> here is the surveillance video with a man wearing sunglasses and 49ers' hat. he is believed responsible for bank robberies in novato and sonoma county. >> beach battle, surfers and fishermen will protest at an access road after a lawsuit was filed against the owner of a road that leads to martin's beach near half moon bay. they want to have it re-opened so they can get to the subspot which is not accessible to vehicles. a venture capitalist purchaseed the property in 2008 and put up this gate to block the road and hired a private security guard. but california law require public access to the coast.
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abc7 news reporter will have a lot more in the live report in the next half hour. >> you have heard this story before, but it is foggy. >> mike nicco is looking at the weather. mike? >> we talked about how each day the air mass will dry out and this morning that is the case but it will spread the next couple of hours so if it is not in your neighborhood now there is the possibility but not so widespread as yesterday and it will fade quicker so we will be warmer than average, starting out one to seven degrees warmer so a wild start with temperatures in the 50's. pittsburg, tracy, pleasanton, union city, saratoga, belmont, financial district, american canyon, we are close in santa clear at 49 and half moon bay at 46 and richmond at 48 and petaluma at 45. palo alto, also, is at 48.
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temperatures in the upper 40's through low 50's until 7:00 with thicker and higher clouds dimming the sunshine so make the temperatures a few degrees cooler than yesterday but upper 50's at the coast and upper 60's at the bay and low-to-mid 70's inland. we will see a slow migration of temperatures down the scale over the friday, saturday, and sunday timeframe but away from the coast we are warmer than average with all the parades on st. patrick's day sunday, they will be dry. >> yesterday morning, we could not see our emeryville camera on 80 westbound. you can see it nicely this morning. the fog is not so thick and traffic is nice to the macarthur maze. in the south bay there is road work in the lanes for the next 20 minutes and north 101 in the mountain view area and in san jose, we do have a lane closure 880 to great mall parkway, in
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milpitas and 680, northbound to north mission, you will find those lanes closed until 6:00 this morning. >> thank you, it is 4:40. the new bay meadows in san mateo, the big boost developers promise will give help to the local economy. >> the life of pie, a never-ending
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>> novato, oakland, and sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning. albany police concluded the investigation of a former middle schoolteacher accused of having sexual relationships with underage students. the 28-year-old committed suicide in october days after a parent went to police with concerns. our media partner, the "contra costa times", reports the
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popular teacher and coach engaged in sexual activity with two students. the six month investigation involved nine search warrants and 30 interviews. investigators found videos shot by the defendant that involved children. an attorney says the families plan to file claims against the school district. >> dedication ceremony will be held in san mateo to mark the opening of the new bay meadows urban village, the site of the old racetrack that closed 4 1/2 years ago is turned into 1,000 homes and 750,000 square feet of commercial space. demand for the condo is high that the developer is holding a lottery for ten of the homes. 150 buyers have prequalified with the move in date should be june or july. >> in the world of math, today is a day for serious fun. it is "pi" day named for the mysterious number. it started 25 years ago at the
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exploritorium in san francisco. we are the official exploritorium tv partner so we have a "pi" primer. here is dan ashley, our news anchor. >> visions of past pi days from the explore storm, the hand's on museum with the idea of the day born 25 years ago. >> march 14th is 3/14, the first three numbers of pi. it starts with 3.14 and goes on forever and pi has been around forever since the ancient time but now part of a math movement, and it is the birthday of albert einstein and observed in classes around the country and congress voted to make it official. a business owner is the prince of pi, leading a pi procession
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including the first 125 markers that circle the shrine embedded in the center of the explore storm. the explore storm is moving. so a new pi tradition will start. last year at the end of pi date the shrine was carefully placed in an appropriate storage container. this is the exploritorium brand new building on the san francisco waterfront that does not open until next month. on pi day, the shrine will be placed right here a few steps from the embarcardero. a critical part of the celebration has been eating pie. there will be a few celebration at 1:00 o'clock p.m. outside the new building, you are invited to come out and join the fun as "pi" marchs on. >> you can fine links to resources and details of the celebration at, the
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official tv partner of the explore storm. we are definitely excited about the opening of the new location april 17. over the next few weeks we will bring you exclusive access and a first look at the new explore storm right here on abc7 news. >> it is celebrated all over the place. >> make mine apple. >> now, if you asked, i like mine with ice cream, in case you are asking. >> a great way to celebrate pi day. >> why not in. >> we of looking at live doppler 7 hd, and visibility which is quarter-mile visibility at half moon bay and five at sfo and everyone else is okay. the national weather service constituted a dense fog advisory for the bay water, including san
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francisco bay. it is clear over the water right now they expect a little bit of fog and it will hang around through 2:00. something to be aware of. >> here is a look at downtown, and it looks different than yesterday, with all the sunshine, san francisco and san bruno at 48 and half moon bay and san mateo and palo alto at 49, and redwood city at 51. emeryville, it is hazy you will notice but not so thick as yesterday. the fog is in the upper 40's in oakland and richmond and let to mid-50's in antioch and union city. in the south by, san jose at 53, and mainly in the low-to-mid 50's in cupertino and mountain view and morgan hill, and mid-to-upper 40's in gilroy and from mount tamalpais you can see more of the bay with no water right now. we are in the mid-to-upper 40's in santa rosa, nap, petaluma, and sausalito. here is what i think will happen with the forecast cycle. today, the fog will fade quicker
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and the thicker, high clouds keep the temperatures down a little bit but, still, very warm. it will be partly cloudy and mild through the weekend and rain is more likely next week. we will talk about the clouds today and they make a push from 7:00 or 8:00 and an hour sooner today is when we will see the sunshine and at the coast we will see more sunshine but the temperatures are stuck in the 50's, and 60's and 70's as the air mass is not so warm as yesterday when the high pressure was sitting on top. we have low-to-mid 70's in the south bay with santa clara and san jose at 72. mid-to-upper 60's in millbrae and 70's for the rest of the peninsula. we will have temperatures along the coast in the upper 50's to near 60. mid-to-upper 60's downtown and south san francisco and 69 in sausalito and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley and 60 at your beaches. on the east bay shore, about 68 to 70 and our last stop is east bay valley, low-to-mid 70's for you. here is the accweather forecast,
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temperatures are cooler but still, above average until tuesday when we get more of a breeze. wednesday, we have the rain. have a great day. sue? >> we are going first to a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. it is light. there are emergency lights right here. it looks like maintenance work is blocking the diamond lanes. otherwise, no delays headed into san francisco. still some road work out there. in vallejo you have a bit of fog along 37 toward the western part of novato. you make your way to vallejo and the east 37 ramp to westbound 80 is closed due to construction and you will see cones in the last lane moving beyond the village over into strawberry and that should be picked up by 6:00 this morning and thick fog across the golden gate bridge if you are coming into san francisco. northbound 880, rather, both directions, there is road work until 6:00. kristen and eric?
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>> on capitol hill the house committee on homeland security is set to hold a hearing today on changes to what airline passengers can bring on board their flights. there is concern among many lawmakers and several airlines over the t.s.a. decision to start allowing passengers to bring small 9s on to jetliners. some lawmakers say the decision appears to have been made without input from flight crew members, air nationals -- air marshals or other staff. they confiscate four tons of the 9s that do not pose a catastrophic threat. >> china has a new president. he picked up the title today in an overwhelming vote of the people's congress. the president is the least permit of the three titles he carries. his true power lies in the position as chairman of china's military. getting all three titles is a sign that china's political leadership is ready to follow the president. >> terrifying sky diving
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accident caught on video, a man spins out of control in a free fall coming up we have the incredible survival. >> new online option for california college student whose cannot get
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>> a central valley skydiver who survived a horrifying crash landing over the weekend is now recounting his ordeal. he was testing a flag release stunt with a jump partner and it went wrong. he deployed the reserve chute but it was stuck. he went into a three-minute spin before crashing into a vineyard. >> i was sure i was watching my friend die. >> i lucked out. god watches out for innocent puppy dogs and he just let me live and walk away. >> he suffered a dislocateed
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shoulder and some major bumps and bruises but no broken bones or internal bleeding. >> this is not the end of the sky diving career. he will not jump this weekend but the following is looking good. >> a fortunate fellow. he should be a lottery ticket. >> exactly. buy one for me, too. >> now a check on the weather trust. there is fog but not as extensive as yesterday? >> not as extensive. we are looking from mount tamalpais and you can see in sausalito all the way to the bay bridge and san francisco it is hard to see that yesterday, temperatures today will be cooler because of the dimmer sunshine and the fact the high pressure is moving away from us and that brought us the warm temperatures yesterday. we will be from two degrees cooler in san jose to six degrees in oakland and santa rosa. around the state it is quiet again and the entire state is cooling a little bit with mid-to-upper 70's around sacramento and 63 in tahoe.
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look at this: 97 in palm springs. >> we have a clear shot in the south bay of no traffic hitting on 280 in the northbound direction with a few headlights from san jose toward cupertino. this is the 17 overcrossing. it is clear out there with in fog in the south bay. you will find road work. we will look as we head to the peninsula. this is 101 northbound you will find road work for the next few minutes until 5:00. 880, both directions, to the mall in milpitas. >> negotiations will resume in a dispute that is causing members of the san francisco symphony to strike. >> more than 100 musicians walked off the job yesterday, demanding raises. orchestra management says they have a proposal on the table that does not include a raise in the first year. under the previous contract, the musicians were guaranteed a base
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salary of $141,000. the strike has forced the symphony to cancel a concert set for today. >> ground breaking legislation could make it easier to get in classes at all of california's public colleges with a bill setting up online system supplement classroom teaching, a faculty panel approve as list of the 50 most overcrowded classes in the state and students are able to take them even when they are full. >> no college student should be denied the right to complete their education because they could not get a seat on the course they needed in order to graduate. >> because of budget cuts, the community colleges have had an average of 7,000 students wait listed for courses and only 16 percent graduate in four years in the system. >> study fines that breast cancer patients treated with radiation are more likely to develop heart problems down the road. european researchers say the
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higher the radiation dose, the greater the risk of having a serious heart problem. doctors say women should not panic because radiation does improve cancer survival and the chance of suffering a radiation-induceed heart attack is small. the study is in the new england journal of medicine. >> mcdonald's is trying to make the most important meal of the day healthier and will launch the first egg white breakfast sandwich on a whole grain english muffin topped with cheddar and bacon addressing criticism that they contribute to rising obesity rates. the chain will also include a smoothie. >> the new pope begins the first day as head of the catholic clutch with prayer. there is mixed reaction in the bay area. >> the new proof that those advance warning >>eric:s
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